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It's a no-brainer to hire a professional home inspector before you buy a house.  It’s key for your peace of mind and your decision-making ability to have an experienced inspector on your side before purchasing!  But should you hire a home inspector for a newly constructed house?  The answer is YES!  I literally could write a book about countless egregious defects I have discovered in new construction over my 23-year career as an inspector.  Even if there are no serious deficiencies, it is rare that I don’t find issues that should be corrected before they turn into more serious problems.  As one of the few Virginia approved training providers, I teach a continuing education class on inspecting New Residential Structures, a class that is mandated for VA Home Inspectors to maintain their license.   I often hear comments from the less experienced inspectors that inspecting New Homes is easier.  The truth is, in some ways it is easier but not for the reasons that usually come to mind.  There are less obstructions and its cleaner so that makes it easier but unlike older homes that show symptoms of defects, a new home may not have symptoms.  An experienced inspector knows where to look.  It is a critically important fact that in the inspection business, it is not what the inspector knows but what they don’t know that is the more important point.   So, when I hear an inexperienced inspector say that inspecting a new home is easy I immediate wonder what they don’t know!   After inspecting thousands of homes of all ages and types, knowing the how, what, where and why that only decades of inspection experience provides allows me to meticulously inspect, serve and protect my clients.

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