New Home Inspection

If you are buying a newly constructed home and wondering if you should have an independent home inspection done, the answer is YES!   Building a new home is a tremendous complex undertaking. It involves many people, usually split up into subcontractor groups, each working on different parts and systems of the home. Even the best builders with the best intentions will have difficulty completing the house without mistakes and there is also a huge gray area of workmanship that exists between what the municipal Building Code inspectors are checking and best practices where things fall between the cracks but these things affect your home in the long run. 

The municipal Building inspectors do an excellent job to ensure compliance with minimal building codes on houses being constructed, but they are often overworked and only human!  It simply is a great idea to have another set of experienced eyes look over the home on your behalf.  You need an experienced inspector not only knows new home construction but has the inspection experience on homes of all ages, to know what can happen to a home years later if errors are made or the best practices not followed,  that’s where John Cranor of Cranor Inspection Services can come in and offer peace of mind with his 24 years of inspection experience.  New Construction inspections are a specialty for John as he has completed thousands in his career.


To add to the understanding on why you should always insist on independent inspections on new construction, keep the following in mind: there are thousands of components used in constructing a house. These thousands of components are likely to be installed by as many as 20 different sub-contractors and these sub-contractors probably have employees. Upon completion, your house could have had more than 100 different people working on the framing, roofing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, the appliances, and on and on.

A third-party home inspection performed by a qualified experienced home inspector can add value by evaluating the overall quality and design of the new home as well as give you a good idea of maintenance items to keep your eyes on. It will almost certainly come up with a helpful punch list of small repair items and sometimes, significant problems are discovered that can save the home buyer and builder thousands of dollars and/or a complex nightmare of litigation and repairs.