Stone Inspection

If you are buying a home with Stone or Adhered Stone Veneer, it is critical that you have the stone inspected.  John Cranor is one of the few inspectors in Virginia that hold a credential giving by the Exterior Design Institute as a Level II Building Envelope Inspector with an advanced certification in Adhered Stone Veneer.   There are ongoing industry studies that have shown that many of these Adhered Stone Veneer systems have two or more defects that have the high potential to allow moisture penetration like shown in photo below.   If the installation errors or defects are not discovered and corrected, the moisture penetration will cause expensive substrate damage.  There are two types of inspections on Adhered Stone Veneer available.  One is visual such as what is done as part of normal home inspection.  The other involves specialized knowledge, skills and tools where small holes are carefully drilled and the substrate is probed and moisture readings are recorded.  Visual inspections of Stone are included with the normal home inspection.  More advanced investigations are available so if you are concerned or have a problem please contact John Cranor.

           Result of a bad stone installation                                                   

           Result of bad stone install