NRS Training

John Cranor of Cranor Inspection Services is a VA DPOR Board approved training provider for the New Residential Structure (NRS) on both the 8-hr initial class and the 4-hr continuing educational module.   This class is required of VA Licensed Home Inspectors to obtain or maintain their NRS specialty.  Wtih 25-years experience inspecting new construction and serving on the DPOR Asbestos, Lead & Home Inspector Board gives John Cranor the cutting edge ability to offer something more useful to home inspectors than others. After spending many hours developing a presentation based around the objectives of the NRS class, participants will leave the class not only with the required objectives but also more educated on New Residential Construction inspections.  If you are a VA Licensed Home Inspector and need the NRS training, please contact John Cranor at or text 804-873-8534 or contact Kenny Hart at for in person classes in VA Beach

Scheduled Classes 

8-hour Initial NRS Training Class

(online class)

Text or email John for information on your training needs and how to register 


4-hour NRS Continuing Ed Class

(online class)

Fee $95  Text or email John for information on upcoming classes and how to register 


After registering you will be contacted on payment options

Email or text John with questions, about future classes or other payment options, including group rates. or 804-873-8534